Drushtikon 2018


The world we live in is made up of a myriad of places, events and colors… from the serene and picturesque mountains… to the raging seas. All made of different colors and different shades. The moment you see such immaculate sights, be it natural or artificial, you always want to capture them forever.Over the past couple of years, we have been capturing countless such spectacular sights too, but with a slight difference. The difference is in seeing the world through our lens… A different world through our Drushtikon …
Annually Photographers@Pune proudly presents its Photography Exhibition ‘Drushtikon’. The exhibition features the best photographs in wildlife, portraiture, landscapes, architecture and many more giving you an altogether new perspective of the world we live in … a glimpse of the world through our …”Drushtikon”…!!!
As a first step towards the submission, participants are requested to register themselves. Registration starts on 1st December, it’s  totally free and is open till 20th Dec
To register yourself go to:Drushtikon 2018.
Remember: Avoid spamming and multiple registrations with the same name. This may result into disqualifying your participation. If you have any issues with the registration process, contact the admins of P@P. Read all the Rules and Guidelines before you register.
Drushtikon Timeline
01 Dec 2017 – Registration for Drushtikon 2018 Start
07 Dec 2017 –  Submission for Drushtikon 2018 Start
20 Dec 2017 – Registration for Drushtikon 2018 End
31 Dec 2017 – Submission for Drushtikon 2018 End
10 Jan 2018 – List of Photos selected for D18 will be declared
About Photographers@Pune
Blistering technological virility has ensured that the line dividing the professional and the amateur dims to a flicker. Photography today is for no expert to claim as his exclusive territory. SLRs are accessible, the internet with advice on everything from picture taking to equipment handling and camera makers are churning out model after model at burst mode. In such world did a virtual body called photographers@pune take birth.
Popularly known as P@P, Photographers @ Pune is an informal group of devoted photographers. The common denominator amongst P@P members is a passion for photography, and some connection with the glorious city of Pune. P@P started with half a dozen members and today boasts nearly 5000 members, and growing by the day. Members hail from various walks of life ranging from students to doctors and even IT professionals.   Age groups too range from 8 year olds to corporate head honchos and senior citizens. At P@P we look at all with equal respect.
As an electronic group, we use the online platform provided to share and discuss photos and also learn the finer aspects of photography. But that’s just a primary aspect. Apart from online discussions and photo sharing, we as a group conduct various offline meets, photo shoots around Pune and workshops and seminars on a regular basis.
The exhibition contains 100 photographs shortlisted from the entries, shot across the globe with every kind of camera. Exhibiting our art is not the only motivation behind Drushtikon, there is also a noble cause. Fifty percent of earning through the exhibition will go to NGO. Also voluntary donations received from the visitors will be added to the member’s contribution.