About Photographers@Pune

  • Popularly known as P@P, Photographers @ Pune is an informal group of devoted photographers.
  • The common denominator amongst P@P members is a passion for photography, and some connection with the glorious city of Pune.
  • P@P started with half a dozen members and today boasts 3500 members, and growing by the day.
  • Members hail from various walks of life ranging from students to doctors and even IT professionals. Age groups too range from 15 year old to corporate head honchos and senior citizens. At P@P we look at all with equal respect.
  • ‘Flickr’, the online photo sharing portal acts as the base platform for P@P’s activities. Members share pictures,
    discuss finer aspects of photography, equipment and much more at P@P’s Flickr Page
  • However P@P is not restricted to being an ‘online’ group. Members meet offline quite often for joint photo shoots, photo-walks, seminars, workshops and an annual charitable exhibition
  • On an average approximately 30 new members and 250 new photographs get added to the P@P pool each week.
  • Currently the pool stands at 62,000+ photographs clicked by members

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